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23 things I learnt as a 23 year old

1. Timing of life will happen when its suppose to.

2. Friendship circles may not look the same, friends will grow.

3. Its okay to embrace an "Asian Australian" identity.

4. Be okay to dream, you are allowed to!

5. Speak up and ask, stand your ground.

6. Comfort zones are meant to be broken - oh its scary.

7. Travel does something to you.

8. Change doesn't come out of the blue.

9. You can't moderate your life through achieving milestones.

10. Insecurities can slowly eat away at you, without you knowing.

11. Thinking too long-term inhibits change and growth.

12. Jesus doesn't = church life

13. Even if its hard, there are always some wins.

14. Everyone's hussle and focus is different. Comparison is lame.

15. Finding your talent or worth in others is just as lame.

16. Make more time for creative projects.

17. Make even more time for your loved ones.

18. Going to the gym makes me feel strong.

19. Transitioning into new things may seem daunting. Do it anyway.

20. I really love sitting at cafes, drinking coffee and reading.

21. Its okay to be alone, do things alone, alone is to be embraced.

22. Life may not seem/ look to be perfect, it will never be perfect.

23. The inner critic can be so rude sometimes. Its okay to be proud and celebrate yourself. You don't always need to be "improving", you are doing great as you are now.

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