who am i?

Classic   |   Timeless   |   Creative

No need to get fancy, that's what I've envisioned makeup and beauty to be! 

Some of my other loves: 

- a good cup of coffee 

-the smell of clean laundry 

-re-runs of Friends 


about imen chow makeup


Imen always thought she was never "pretty" enough. While moving from her home country to Australia in 2002, she thought that the standard of beauty was limited by her race and features. Fast forward a few years, during the hot summer holidays, she discovered Youtube beauty videos and insisted her mum to take her makeup shopping. After completing her Cert II in Retail Cosmetics, she has worked as a Beauty Consultant for Christian Dior, gaining invaluable skills and experience in understanding customer's needs and working with diverse range of people.


With doubts of fear but excitement, she decided to take a leap of faith and expand her freelance makeup business. This brings us here!


She knows the thrill of getting ready for special occasions such as weddings, engagement and formals. Imen Chow Makeup is tailored for those wanting to highlight the best version of themselves and enhance all that is them!  




industry EXPERIENCE 


2014  |  Completed Cert II Retail Cosmetics 

2015  |  Beauty Consultant for Christian Dior

2017  | Completed masterclass in Event Hair Styling 

2017- current  |  Bridal, editorial, special occasion events 

2019 I Completed  4 week masterclass with Elona Commerell 

2020 I Completed masterclass with Isabelle De Vries 

Why you though? 

I guess I can write all the right things with elegant descriptions of how I can transform you into a beautiful swan (give me all the right materials and I probably can!). However, the truth of my vision is: 

To empower women to unapologetically declare their beauty.