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June Favourites

Am I a beauty blogger yet? Something about summarising your month is oddly fascinating.

This month have been a whirlwind of weekends exploring Perth's finest locations (Trigg beach, Fremantle, Crawley and North Coogee), assisting in art classes and catching up with my closest friends. Not to mention, makeups on most weekends too!

Highlight moments: celebrating my mums birthday, finishing an intense upper body workout and checking out all the talented local business in Perth Upmarkets.

Not-so-great times: the comparison game is real on social media, learning to pick yourself up after many self pity parties (in progress haha) and understanding that you don't have to justify yourself to anyone.

On a lighter note (when did this turn into a diary!?), here are the products I'm grabbing for!

1. M A K E U P F O R E V E R H D C O N C E A L E R

When your skin will.not.corporate. No idea what happened this month but it has not been pretty for my skin! I feel like this concealer is not talked about enough, the coverage is buildable and blends flawless onto blemishes. I'm on my second tube and it has lasted me almost 2 years?!

2. D I O R F L A S H I L L U M I N I Z E R

Getting ready in winter is already a struggle, with the gloomy and rainy weather outside, I always feel like my skin needs some brightening up! This is where the Dior Flash Illuminizer comes in. It just gives my face somethin' somethin' and goodness knows I need it besides covering my breakouts haha.

3. L A N C O M E L' A B S O L U L I P S T I C K

Who says you need to put away your bright lippies during winter? Sometimes, thats what all you need! I have been loving this as a gradient lip for work- a touch of this blended with some lip balm = you are all set.

I will keep it short and sweet this month! July is looking to be a fun month- I am aiming for at least 2 blog posts! See you then!

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