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Why Choose a Perth Marriage Registry Wedding: A Bridal Makeup Artist's Perspective

From a bridal makeup artist who has seen it all!

With the rising cost of living and inflation, wedding budgets are becoming smaller. But this shift brings unique advantages, especially when choosing to get married at the Perth Marriage Registry Office. The traditional charm of signing your papers with an intimate ceremony is making a comeback!

In the era of extravagant wedding trends on Instagram and TikTok that can feel overwhelming, the simplicity of a small ceremony is refreshing. As a bridal makeup artist who's seen it all on hectic wedding mornings, I'm all for this trend!

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair for several brides at their office registry weddings, all during the weekdays. I wanted to share the highlights and advantages of these memorable days!

Modern couple wedding photo in Perth CBD, in front of State Buildings. Bride and groom are happy and smiling, her dress is simple and classic, holding florals
Photo by Kath Young Photography, Makeup and Hair by Imen Chow Makeup

Less Stress, More Joy

Big weddings often come with a whirlwind of stress and chaos. The bridal party is up at the crack of dawn, usually after a restless night spent prepping decorations and packing for an Air BNB or hotel stay. The endless list of things to bring and tasks to handle can be overwhelming.

Then there's the waiting: hours spent getting ready, waiting to walk down the aisle, preparing for the ceremony, posing for photos, and finally, making it through a reception dinner that can stretch until 11 p.m. By then, the bride has been on her feet for over 12 hours!

An intimate office registry wedding eliminates much of this stress. The bride can enjoy a peaceful morning getting her hair and makeup done, often in a calm, familiar setting. As a makeup artist, I've seen firsthand how much more relaxed brides are when they don't have to answer a million questions or coordinate with a large group.

Cost Effective

Are you feeling the pinch of rising costs lately? Even a bag of cheese from Coles feels like a luxury these days! The average 2023 wedding in Western Australia costs $31,500. Sorry, but what?! Intimate weddings, however, offer a more cost-effective alternative, allowing couples to allocate their budget towards what truly matters to them. Whether it's a honeymoon or a deposit for a new home, rather than on expensive venues and a large guest list, smaller ceremonies just make sense.

At the Perth Marriage Registry Office, you can legally marry for just $399. For an additional $50-200, you can exchange rings and vows with up to 10-50 guests present. The best part? You can head next to Frisk, a charming gin bar (and personal favourite as a gin lover myself!), for a celebratory drink right after your ceremony!

Many of my brides have shared that they booked a lunch afterwards to continue the celebration. For a modern, elegant experience, Post at the State Buildings offers contemporary Italian-inspired cuisine and makes for an amazing spot for photos!

Young couple wedding photo in Perth, bride is happy and smiling with groom featuring natural bridal makeup
Photo by Kath Young Photography, Makeup and Hair by Imen Chow Makeup

Flexible Dates

Planning a traditional wedding can take up to a year, primarily because popular venues are booked solid during peak wedding season. How many Saturdays are there really in September?

However, with the Perth Marriage Registry Office, securing a spot on a Thursday morning, even during the cooler months, is far easier. Perth's weather continues to surprise me—here we are in mid-May, still enjoying clear skies!

This flexibility means you don't have to plan your wedding a year in advance. You can schedule it within 3-6 months, aligning with your lifestyle and availability. Photographers often charge less on weekdays, and makeup and hair artists are more readily available. Not to mention, you can enjoy a long weekend off work. What could be better than that?

Asian bride and groom couple after their wedding at the Perth Registry Office, smiling and at the park in the CBD
Makeup and Hair by Imen Chow Makeup

Imen's Final Thoughts

Small, intimate weddings at the Perth Marriage Registry Office are a wonderful way to celebrate love meaningfully and personally. The relaxed atmosphere, personalised touches and close connections are just beautiful! And guess what?

My cozy home makeup and hair studio is just a quick 10-minute drive away from the Perth Marriage Office register! I'll be there to add those final magical touches, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best as you say "I do." Let's make your wedding morning a peaceful, beautiful start to your next chapter in life.

Have you ever attended an wedding at the Perth Marriage Office before? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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