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how to choose your wedding day makeup

The age old question. Here are 4 things to consider when thinking about your makeup on your wedding day.

Natural, glowy wedding day makeup
Natural Wedding Day Makeup

Consider your venue and theme

Is it outdoors and relaxed? You want to opt for more natural and fresh faced beauty. You want soft and glowy for the sunlight to hit. If its an indoor event with more luxurious venue or function space, then something more stronger and clean will be suitable.

How much makeup do you wear normally?

Be realistic, if you are not used to wearing makeup everyday you definitely won't on your wedding day either. Describe what you normally wear to your artist and she will adapt!

How do you want to feel?

Always go for what you love. Take a look at other wedding inspirations and see what you love about the makeup.

I have to advise doing a bridal trial! It is a time for you to communicate with your makeup artist and see what you like or don't like. So often we can leave a makeup thinking that we love it but sometimes, as it sits throughout the day, you might have different thoughts. Note down those thoughts as you go with your day and communicate it to your makeup artist. Normally, I will advise some changes and then go with it on the day. That way, you can 100% expect what you love on your big day!

Bride showing her wedding day makeup
Glowy Wedding Day Makeup

Enjoy and love the process!

Remember your experience of getting your makeup done is also important and hopefully these tips has given you an idea on how to choose your wedding day makeup.


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