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easy as chips: foundation routine

I mean, sometimes foundation smells as good as hot chips right?

Whether your "routine" is slapping on some Maybelline something in the early hours of the morning and blending it in with your fingers, or choosing carefully the foundation finish to match your activity of the day (am I going to be dewy-natural gal or full-coverage girl boss business today?). Do allow me to share some essentials that you can tailor custom to your routine- whichever it may be!

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  • ​Ah, the age old question- do I need a primer or not?

  • To be honest, I always recommend a primer (its like that extra step to really perfect the base) but if you just can't be bothered/ you find that your foundation stays on, then don't worry about it!

  • To determine what primer you need, determine what skin type you are, I might have to do another post on this!


  • Or BB cream or CC cream or tinted moisturiser.

  • Whatever "base" you need is determined by what finish you are looking for.

  • Just like a pair of shoes, you can't just SAY you want a pair of shoes- for what though?

  • Two major categories:

  • "I JUST WANT NATURAL" - the amount of times I have heard this! This is the code for taking away redness (mostly on T-zone, chin, cheeks) and evening the complexion (pigmentation, scarring).

  • "NICE BUT NOT CAKEY"- with the amount of foundations that is on the market now, there is no excuse for anything to be cakey. Most of the time if a foundation appears cakey, its either your application method is poor (yes, I went there haha) or the foundation isn't suitable for your skin type (you can't expect a foundation that is made for combination-oily skin to sit nicely on dry-desert skin).

  • Obviously there are more categories but as promised, this is suppose to be easy as chips.


  • Think of this as the final touch- the buckle of the straps before you head off, the jelly thing you stick on the back of your heels to keep you going for the night.

  • Two forms of powder:

  • Loose- good to dust all over and you can hardly see anything but it "sets" everything in place.

  • Compact- does every thing a loose powder do but can add more coverage.

So what are you trying to tell me, Imen?

  • Whatever your routine is like now, hopefully this has given you some basic tips!

  • Still trying to get a hang out this blog- bare with me!

Stay hydrated, happy and more posts to come!

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